Why Choose Us

We are one of the very few Crew/Personnel Managers who are not part of a “Ship/Crew Manager company” whose primary objective, of course, is to support the Ship/Technical Management business where the greater profit is.

Thus the seafarers we source are yours – if you take over from Sharp Crewing the seafarers will go with you. When your seafarers are with any other Crew/Ship Manager and you take over your seafarers – particularly your Officers – will be enticed to stay with them. Why? Mainly because they were probably with the Crew/Ship Manager before they worked onboard your ship!!

Thus our seafarers are your seafarers.

Not only that, we must at all times, be sure you are getting a better service than if you handled the work in-house.

We are proactive – actively seeking new services and solutions for our clients – a niche service – a much closer relationship than if you were with a Crew/Ship Manager.

why choose us