What We Do

Sharp Crewing Services provides a range of services to meet the requirements of large and small Ship Owners, Operators and Managers.
These services can be categorized as:

Sourcing Deepsea Offshore marine
Shoreside Offshore Construction
Riding Gangs Cruise and Luxury Yachts

Seafarers’ Benefits and
Retention Products
Vested Retention Offshore Contractors Insurance
Retirement Savings Access to Airport Lounges

Crew Change Services South East Asian ports

Management Personnel Managers Crew Managers
Manning Agents Offshore Employment
Officer Management

Payroll Allotment Payroll Onboard Payroll
Offshore Payroll Payroll Bureau
International Bank Transfers

Administration Family Medical Plans Cash-to-Crew
Home-Gangway-Home Travel Arrangements
Marlins English Tests Applications For Flag Endorsement
Visa Applications

Flag Singapore Flag Administration Philippine Flag Administration