Other Services

Crew Support

Our capable teams of office staff in Singapore and Manila are able to provide a range of support services to reduce your administrative burden. Our services include:


To assist with the management of your crews we can provide:

  • Personnel Managers
  • Crew Managers
  • Manning Agents
  • Offshore Employment
  • Officer Management

In-house Safety Training

As a manning agent we are available to make arrangements for training if required by our Principals who determine the training requirements for their seafarers.  

In addition, we provide the following in-house training courses:

  • Onboard Safety Awareness – one day course for joiners
  • A “vacation time” cloud-based safety update/assessment using Karco animated DVDs
  • A company specific Q&A (set by each of our Principals) in order to identify any specific training areas or knowledge gaps for your seafarers


Our payroll services include:

  • Allotment Payroll
  • Onboard Payroll
  • Offshore Payroll
  • Payroll Bureau
  • International Bank Transfers


Among the range of administration services we are able to provide you with are:

  • Family Medical Plans
  • Cash-to-Crew
  • Home-Gangway-Home
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Marlins English Tests
  • Applications For Flag Endorsement
  • Visa Applications

Flag Administration

We provide all necessary administrative services for vessel flagging under the Singapore or Philippines flags.