How We Do IT

Being long established we and our associates have built up an enviable database of Seafarers – Officers, Ratings as well as Personnel for shore side jobs. In fact our database exceeds 40,000+.

We are continuously receiving applications for seafarers of many nationalities seeking employment with our Principals and Clients. As fast as we can we review applications, sending same for assessment by ex-seagoing Captains and Engineers, following up on references provided, selected checks with Flag States to verify CoCs and then either video, telephone or face to face interviews.

Ship Owners/Operators and Managers are seeking the most cost effective sourcing of seafarers and thus Sharp Crewing Services offer:

a. Access to candidates – before Sharp Crewing Services scrutiny procedures start
b. Candidates (new) who have passed through Sharp Crewing Services scrutiny
c. Candidates (known to Sharp Crewing Services) who have passed through Sharp Crewing Services’ scrutiny
d. Head Hunting

Sharp Crewing Services’ Fees are structured to reflect the work undertaken and the type of vessel since supply and demand varies from ship type, skill and shortage.

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