ITF – IBFNegotiations – Wage Increase 2012/2013/2014

Dear All,

Good day.

IMEC has advised that the negotiotaions with ITF have concluded the with the following:-

A staggered pay increase has been agreed for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

2.0% – increase wef 1st January 2012
2.5% – increase wef 1st January 2013
2.5% – increase wef 1st January 2014

The above agreement is the “general” agreement. The next stage is that the “local” agreements (ie. Philippines, India, etc.,) have to be negotiated. Basically the “local” negotiation is where the above agreed percentage increase is allocated between the “cash” and the “funcding” parts of the wage structure.
For instance, in a country the Social cost (which has to be paid by the Employer) may have been increased by the Government. since this is a “benefit” for the seafarer, IMEC will petition that the increased cost should be refelected on the “funding” part. This would REDUCE the “percentage increase” amount available as “cash” to the seafarer.

The local negotiations for the Philippines are takeing place at the end of November and thus the actual ITF-IBF-IMEC wage structure for Filipinos is unlikely to be officially known until just before the year end.

In can be presumed that Wage Structures for other CBAs – India, Germany, Uniform/General, etc. will be advised at the same time.