What We Do

Sharp Crewing Services together with it’s associate in Manila, whose origins are from the mid-1960’s, has an enviable and ever growing database of skilled and experience seafarers.

Seafarers’ Benefits
With retention in mind, Sharp Crewing Services seek out and offer a range of ideas/products to support your crew retention. This includes, amongst other, access to Airport Lounges, savings and retention plans as well as Contractors insurance.

Crew Change
Using our own offices and associates we can provide cost-effective crew changes.

This is where Sharp Crewing Services provide a range of services depending on whether it is the Client or Sharp Crewing who is the Employer of the Seafarer. Clients are able to have access to details of the seafarers through the internet as well as delegating out various functions such as travel arrangements, liaising with Unions, CTM, as well as managing crew scheduling.

Our payroll services can relieve the Master of this task thereby providing a standard interpretation or it can enable payroll to be produced in a lower cost environment than the Owner’s Head Office. Complicated Payroll requirements for the North Sea and the increasing necessity for the Oil and Gas Industry’s Employers and Employees to account for local income tax and social contributions can be offered. Bank Transfers of wages in a variety of currencies whereby the Employee receives their full entitlement (without any charges levied by recipient’s bank) is provided.

Sharp Crewing Services continually seeks to offer its clients the opportunity to provide their employees, or contracted in workers, benefits to enhance the “remuneration package” from being solely “wage” to include “fringe benefits” often part and parcel included within shoreside jobs. In addition we can advise/supply Catering provisions, assessments and training.

The requirements of Flag can be quite bureaucratic and time consuming. Sharp Crewing Services Shipping Agencies handles this aspect of shipping from its offices in Singapore and The Philippines.

Accounting functions are often located in high-cost Head Office locations. Modern technology and communications enable Sharp Crewing Services to provide these at a more competitive cost and/or enable more detailed analysis or verification to be undertaken.